6 FLOORS - 4.000m2

Youth Center/Mixed-use Project


Istanbul, Turkey

5th semester, 2019

The Triangulor - Mixed use project where symbolism meets Architecture

 The Triangulor building is a mixed-use project building which incorporates entertainement, cultural activities combined with ateliers and a hostel . The building respond to the need of the program that was asked as a "Center" and "Accommodation"combination for the youth category (btw. 4.000 - 5.000 m2) during the 5th semester of the architectural design course. (ARC3001)

The site is located in the corner, in the hearth of Istanbul, in Beyoglu, in a parallel street of Istiklal Cad. Taksim (can be seen in the site plan).




It was a big chance that the site was located in the corner of the street, which was making it expresful if I could use that as an advantage. The streets were too much "concretefied" with a lack of trees and green areas, that would become what I should struggle for. I have chosen to make a passage in this corner that would allow people to get inside of a courtyard, a green, dynamic corner,  a corner that would finally add this warm and familiar atmosphere in the street, it would become a welcoming corner that would be attractive and specular. I have decided to make it triangular,  Why the triangle ?  I had to choose a form that would spiritually and philosophically touch the soul of its users, in that case I took the Pyramids as reference, of Giza in Egypt, because for me it was the perfect reference, a pyramid was considered as a gateway to the paradise, and an eternal life, in my case The Triangulor was also a gateway, a passage to freshness, to a green world that would stay out of the chaotic atmosphere of its surrounding.

I had a program to respond and this triangle was restricting me due to lost of spaces, so I decided to connect two blocks with bridges that would add optimize the space usage for the program and add a dynamic character to the corner.


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