Renovation Project

Project year : 2018

Location : Merkez, Karaman, Turkey

Floor and type : 3 Floors, Villa

Project : Facade Renovation

     My first "real" project that I realised after my first year of Architecture Education, the client asked me to propose him different possibilities for the facade design with a cheap solution that would be painting. I find out several possibilities of colors and wooden details to give a part of natural aspect to the building because it's just next to a public park with vegetation and trees. We can see it as a continuous part of the surrounding.

     Because of it was my first project I encountered some problems with the workers and what I was asking from them but it was a fully site experience gain for me. I learned how to direct workers, how to communicate with them and the most important is to learn how this kind of painting surfaces was working and types of it with prices and painting quality up to its brand.