BUA : 4.300 m2

Saudi Arabia, Dhahran City

Structure : Furkan ANKARALI


Project developed for a competition entry by trying to answer ; What could be the new residential typology after the COVID-19 pandemic ?


The initial idea and objective was to create an « individual house » ambiance and atmosphere in a residential building layout, to have an efficient usage of a restricted area and permit residents to have independent entrances and flats to minimize the physical distance (not the social) and the spread of the virus.

Taking in consideration the site climate and feature, the atrium would also allow a powerful natural ventilation and freshness for each apartment. Indoor spaces and balconies has been carefully design with moveable and adjustable features to let the user to modify and adjust its privacy level. The roof floor has different partitions and functions as requested in the program, additionally to the program I found the opportunity to implement 104 solar panels of 300w, which will produce a total of 94,90 MEGAWATT of energy per year, it means that it produces more energy that it consumes which allows the building to be completely self-sufficient in energy consumption.

Competition announcement : Marissa Duplex Apartments


Published on, one of the most well known architectural platform in Turkey. 

Published on, an architectural page that has a significant number of followers.


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