Villa Levent

Villa Levent

Villa Levent

Villa Levent


C.L.T Designed Project

2 Floors - 250m2

Istanbul, Turkey

INST. : Gözde Kizilkan

3th semester, 2019

Villa Levent - Simple complexity, Eco-responsible sustainable project

           Villa Levent is a project that I have made for the design course ARC2001, the project consist of creating a dwelling house of maximum 2 stories high and 250m2, all by respecting its neighborhood and surrounding. ALL DRAWN BY HAND.

    The concept is simplicity, making a sustainable building I wanted my building to be self sufficient and ecofriendly at the same time, so how I dealt with that ? First of all, for the design process I have done some sketches about the function of building, I wanted to make a functionnarian building at the same time, "Form follows functions"; then I decided to follow the axis that the site was giving to me as can be seen in the poster's below, and then I decided to make the second floor cantilevered from both side so that I create the opportunity to make a green roof upon the ground floor that can be use as a terrace.


     For being sustainable and ecofriendly I decided to make research about sustainable types of structural constructions and I discovered a technology of CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER known as C.L.T that permit to build buildings as strong as Reinforce concrete, but in a sustainable way, with less trash in site, a faster assembling in site ( because it's precast ), resistant against earthquakes etc.. You can find all the details about my project bellow, if you need more information you are free to ask.