C.I.C. - Carpentry Innovation Center

BUA : 4.200 m2

INST. : E. Ümran TOPCU

Istanbul, Turkey

6th semester, 2020

Located in a important historical district in Fatih, Istanbul, the C.I.C. project is where the past intersects with the future in an architectural ideology.

Designing in a such context is a huge responsibility, the development of the project has been in total respect and coherence with the historical environment and of course a constant relation with the site features such as the topography. By providing different levels and creating an accessible green roof from the street level, permitted to extend the historical street experience. Doing so, I preserved the Molla Semsettin Gurani mosque view from the street level, as well as a visual connection to the wonderful Suleymaniye mosque from the green roof (can be seen in the renders below).

About the innovation in the project, you can see that the southern facade is completely out of REFLECTIVE GLASS made of Photovoltaic cells that allowed me to produce renewable energy and reflect the great Molla Semsettin Gurani mosque old of 10 century, so that the historical context is enriched with the reflective surface and reflect the ideology of the connection between the past and future (Reflection of the past, production for the future...)

The building produces 144 Megawatt of energy per year.

Program ; Vocational school ; Carpentry 2.0, Conference Hall (capacity : 400 people), Library, Co-working spaces, Administrative spaces, public and commercial areas..


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