The Folding Building

The Folding Building

The Folding Building

The Folding Building


Finalist of ArchED 2019, Exhibited in the Istanbul Technical University (İ.T.Ü)

6 FLOORS - 750m2

Instructor : Ali Çiçek

Berlin, Germany

4th semester, 2019

The Folding Building - Where excellence meets Architecture, naturally

           My design has come up naturally within the site and its surrounding,  a part from my neighbour buildings I had to find a way to reach the canal view and the sun, so what did I do ?

          Once in the site you feel strong wind corridor thanks to the spree and building placements, so I had this opportunity from Mother Nature, how could I use it ? I ended up by using the strong wind corridor by making a compositional shape that allows me to get fully profit of the wind, why don't we produce energy from that ? So I just placed several Vertical axed domestic wind turbines as shown in sketches and drawings.   Naturally the shape of the building. the form come out, in the same time I'm reaching the Wonderfull view of the canal thanks to my angles and also take fully profit of the sun.

site backgorund.jpg

Berlin Apartment project have been a challenging project for me, we were asked to design an apartment in a special location which is located just in front of the "spree" canal which separates naturally the ancient Berlin type and the modern one. So I dealt in a way to give my building a character to be modern but still in interaction with the view of the Canal and its surrounding.

Another point was the idea of "the corner", the corner in my believe is a big responsibility, is what makes the street stronger, sexier and spectacular for users, pedestrians and people so I got the point of complementing my design idea with a balcony that follows the rhythm and forms of the apartment.

Balconies, Why trees ? Good question, so I first designed the flats so take fully advantage of the landscape and sun but the truth is that the biggest green area as landscape is situated in the northern west part of my apartment but I wanted to bring this landscape to other flats by giving the chance to see, feel the atmosphere of a green area everyday through their balcony, it's a warm atmosphere created for the southern facade users.